How to make a killer JV page that will “hook” your affiliates in and leave them eager to promote your product.

When you send affiliates to your product JV page – there are a set of things which they like to see in order to make a decision to promote.

In a way – you have to do just a good a job selling your product to them as you do on a sales page or a video selling your product to a potential buyer.

OK so what are these magical ingredients that make up your sales page recipe and why are they so important to have there?

So the potential affiliates (or JV’s) are going to want to see a good clear video or at least some copy with details of the offer on and the main benefits for them if they promote.

I will be honest and say that although building a good network is important, “Money talks” and a great deal for the affiliate (or JV), clearly explained, with a nice deep funnel can be an irresistible “hook” to persuade the them to promote.

The other thing that will help this is a visual representation of the product funnel with all the upsells and down-sells so that they can see exactly what they are promoting and how much they will kame each sale.

Ok – the other thing you need to do is make it as easy as possible for your affiliate to be able to promote –so at the very least you need some email swipes with a nice range of subject lines.

This will make it easy for the affiliate (JV) as he / she does not have to write their emails from scratch – which can be a huge time saver.

Its often a good idea to have different “angles” – as in how the email sells the product to give affiliates a choice of what would suite their list the best.

It is always good to include a USP “Unique selling proposition” – something which makes your product different and better than the competition – as this will help sales no end.

The next thing that they are going to want to see is the sales page of the actual product. The reason why this is so important is that they want to see strong copy – a good headline or sales video – and a set of benefits in bullet form – to increase the chances of a sale.

If they have been in the business a while they will be able to “feel” when a sales page is well written, and it pays to have this professionally created in order to make the most sales.

Some people like to show their affiliate positions in launch competition leader boards on their JV page – as it shows that they are capable of reciprocating if an affiliate (JV) mails for them.

In the affiliate and JV world – reciprocation plays a big part and good affiliates want to know that you they help you out by emailing their list with your launch offer, that you will do the same for them when they release a product.

This plays a huge part in the relationships between affiliates and is an almost unspoken rule when someone mails for you that you will do likewise when the time comes.

Lastly is it good to put an opt in form on the page where affiliates can sign up to receive updates and leader board information as well as be sent more swipe materials and motivational emails.

NEVER make affiliates opt in in order to promote – there should be strong reason why and a call to action – just like any opt in – however it should be an affiliates choice whether or not they should opt in to your JV list.

All in all – it boils down to three basic things:

  • Have a good offer that will make them money.
  • Make it as easy as possible for them to promote with email swipes and other material.
  • Have a good support system in place and a quality product so refund rates are kept as low as possible. After all, affiliates (JV’s) don’t want to be having to give the money back after they have made it!

And that’s the recipe to a successful sales page

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Here’s to a successful launch
Carl Picôt


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