What Coaches Should Be Doing Now On LinkedIn

What Coaches Should Be Doing Now On LinkedIn


If you are a business executive, owner or coach, there are a number of things you ought to do. For example, optimize your LinkedIn profile for effective connecting with high quality leads. After that, send notifications to prospective customers. Your invitation shows up on their notifications bar. Here, they can already see your name, title, and a preview of your message.

You can expect some of the invitations you send to be accepted, that is if you make a striking first impression. If someone is interested, they will click on the full message, read and choose “accept” or “ignore”.

Spell out your name correctly and have an impressive profile picture. People will take you seriously if you have a professional picture such as a headshot.

Think about your prospective clients and have a title that really reflects who you are. Make your headline as professional as possible. If you target CEOs of small businesses, have your title as “CEO of My Company” for example. This identifies you properly and creates a virtual bond between you and your leads.

In the wake of Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn, some opportunities will be unlocked for you. Microsoft’s CEO says that the merger will accelerate the growth of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as well as LinkedIn.

You are included in the group of “every person and organization” that the company wants to empower across the world.

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Creating Profiles For Every Business And Working Person In The World

A few years back, some analysts claimed that LinkedIn was interested in creating profiles for every business and working person in the world. In addition, it was said that the professional network would have every profession and skill represented so that it actually helps people to secure advertised jobs. Further, experts said that the company would introduce learning resources that members could develop the needed skills.

These ambitions were part of the larger dream of enhancing and transforming the global economy. Well, this allegation seemed quite off the mark back then, but not now. The acquisition is actually able to achieve this dream, as stated by several industry leaders.

A few opinion leaders say that the company is over-ambitious. But then again, you cannot please everyone especially not when a merger brings together more than a billion users from Microsoft and nearly half a billion members from LinkedIn. Remember that two more people are joining the network every second.

If you look at history, you will understand that LinkedIn is not too ambitious. For example, the company purchased Lynda.com at $1.5 billion in 2015, in a move that surprised many.

This purchase enables LinkedIn users to access tools and resources for learning and training online. The platform connects more publishers and writers to targeted audiences than ever before.

As a business executive, prepare your website, social media pages and other forms of online engagement for the impending surge in business prospecting.

While it will take a few months for you to know exactly how to use future tools and options from Microsoft, it is prudent to maintain best customer engagement practices.

In anticipation of the improved methods of capturing leads, let your full profile be impressive. The invitations you send will check here to ascertain your authenticity. For example, include all past jobs and title you have held in the past.

Let People See Your Accomplishments

Let people see your accomplishments. Everybody wants to associate themselves with successful people.

When you are ready, you can rest assured of integrating your business functions seamlessly. Reaching more targets and converting them to clients should be easier than ever before. In addition, you will fare much better at beating competition.

For now, keep networks with LinkedIn professionals clean. In addition, master the existing options that Outlook offers. Soon, expect your Newsfeed from LinkedIn to intuitively communicate with the calendar on your Outlook account.

This communication informs the two platforms the meetings that you plan to have in the next couple of days or weeks.

Do you physically meet customers or business colleagues regularly? Microsoft could serve you with access to all of the stories and posts that these stakeholders write. Reading their minds and knowing their opinion could help you better meet their needs.

Typically, the system can dig through loads of information about a client across various platforms when getting ready for a meeting or a presentation. In the future, you could save time and resources by accessing all relevant content and resources on a single platform.

Cortana, Your Digital Personal Assistant

Cortana, your digital personal assistant is already a likeable tool. It greets you in the morning with a serving of your commitments and meetings of the day. More importantly, it informs you of the deepest connections that you have with the people you are meeting.

In the future, Cortana could dig details about these people from their LinkedIn profiles. These details include the person’s professional background, education, professional connections, age, residence and aspirations among others.

You can find these details while relaxing at home or when stuck in traffic on your way to meeting them. When you know these details prior to the meeting, you do not waste time in introductions and building rapport.

The help tab on your Microsoft Office application gives you tips on certain phenomena. Interestingly, this help can be served by a professional instead of the automated assistant. Obtaining help from a real person will be a welcome relief.

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Author: Jonathan Oshevire – Linkedtify

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